Tuesday Thoughts volume 92

Yo, what up, Youtube! before we get into the shit please go ahead and smash that mf subscribe button!

I woke up this morning fully torqued and ready to have a great day. Things done changed. Money change, people change, things change. I took the dog outside and threw up in the shower (Normal). I went to the kitchen to find out that I am out of coffee. No big deal, I should have some at the office, or so I thought. Out of coffee here too. Damn, I’m really going through it, huh. And to make it even worse, I have diarrhea (this is normal). But I am back on the quest of crafting the perfect burger. We are only one night in, and my apartment again smells like wonderfully cooked beef. I can’t wait for Thursday Night’s burger. Switched up the buns for this week. Will see how it goes. Might switch back to the old ones, but these seem promising.

Finally broke down and purchased LA Noire for the playstation 4. The game seems good, but it is too dark. Not the theme, the actual lighting in the game.

Watching Scrubs again. I love Scrubs.

I am only continuing to live to spite my enemies.

Elon Musk will be hosting Saturday Night Live next weekend. Not this weekend, but next. I can wait.

Might go to the lake this weekend. Will do some fishing. Might stay home and watch the 2019 Minnesota Penn State game.

Top 5 Jacks

  1. Jack Black
  2. Jack Johnson
  3. Cracker Jack
  4. Jackie Chan
  5. Jack Sparrow

There’s a couple movies I’d like to see in the next 5 years.

Tuesday top 5 songs

  1. feeling whitney- post malone
  2. smells like teen spirit- nirvana
  3. how to save a life- the fray
  4. mr brightside- the killers
  5. ink my whole body- wiz khalifa

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