Tuesday Thoughts Volume 79

Don’t really feel like writing anything today. started putting the bullshit on the screen and ended up deleting it several times. might throw one up tomorrow to make up for this. not sure what’s going on today, or in general.

did an interview with the piss list.

check it out here

anyway here’s the top ten.

tuesday top ten

  1. clementine- halsey
  2. diced pineapples- rick ross
  3. money don’t sleep- baby e
  4. dreams and nightmares- meek mill
  5. lost in the world- kanye west
  6. adams song- blink182
  7. leave- post malone
  8. bitch better have my money- rihanna
  9. back to you- lil wayne
  10. 9-24-11- Action bronson

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