Thursday Thoughts 04.15.2021


  • Still tired
  • I may not actually have any real enemies. Most of my rivalries seem to have been fabricated in my mind
  • Tonight for dinner I ate a handful of salad and a plate of dried/cured meats. Probably could’ve done better
  • Going to tweet “ugh. i hate insomnia” at 8:47 tonight. i think it’ll be funny
  • i don’t want one on my front four teeth to fall out or get removed, but i think i could pull it off
  • how do turtles work
  • Nicole made Jionni dinner last night. he’s a fork biter. i didn’t like that at all
  • i have been watching jersey shore seasons out of order. i like it this way
  • smockin
  • it would be nice to play a round of golf (miniature) with my friends soon


i want a kelly green shirt that just says “hate” in comic sans. shia labeouf. might go to idaho in july for summer camp. never been before. could be fun. might see a moose.

Today’s top 7 songs (choose the order)

  1. Lips Of An Angel- hinder
  2. Lost Boy- ruth b
  3. Strawberries & Cigarettes- troye sivan
  4. Rehab- amy winehouse
  5. Picture to Burn- taylor swift
  6. Days and Days- lil wayne
  7. Written in the Stars- tinie tempah

Thank you to today’s sponsor, Nesquik. None of this would be possible without you.


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