Tuesday Top Ten

Fuck. I am tired. Not physically. Just mentally drained. Lot going on in my head that is not productive lately.

After a large dinner of leftover trout and asparagus, I stayed awake late watching the Sunday Night Fox lineup on Hulu, in addition to some of my favorite skits from the past few seasons of Saturday Night Live. I then followed this up by advancing another career in EA Sports UFC 4. I opted to become the WFA champion before entering the UFC. I believe this will allow me to start my UFC career off with higher pay, and more ranked matchups early on. Only Time will tell.

I may or may not have had too much to drink for a Monday evening. Regardless, I still woke up this morning. Shoutout to my enemies.

Update: I have selected to hide all alerts on my phone for the time being. I will check my phone if and when I choose. If you are not saved as a contact titled “Dad” or “Mom”, please do not instruct me on how to behave and live my life. You may offer advice, but I am free to disregard anything that comes way. The only people who have any authority on what I will do on a daily basis are me, and my wonderful dog, Hamilton (white, straight, cis, male). If you don’t like this, I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I understand that I am far from perfect, but am content with my choices. Don’t mistake this for ignorance.

My parents are going to Mexico from the 17th to the 24th of April. I will be staying at their house and watching over my baby brother. The front door will be unlocked. Feel free to break into their house and steal their valuables. I will watch to make sure you are taking the correct items.

This week will be different. I will be listing TEN songs instead of the 5 that you have grown accustomed to. I will also not be ending this with a line from my song of the day. I am maturing as a person. You should try it.

Tuesday Top Ten (random order)

  1. You & The 6- drake
  2. Leave- post malone
  3. What’s My Age Again- blink-182
  4. Champagne- baby e
  5. Love Yourself- justin bieber
  6. Hey There Delilah- plain white t’s
  7. Story of My Life- one direction
  8. Let Me Love You- ariana grande (lil wayne verse ONLY)
  9. HYFR- drake
  10. My Life- the game

Thanks for reading. Thursday Thoughts will be released on Thursday.


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