Thursday Thoughts Volume 73. Weekly update

  • Soda is a gateway drink
  • My favorite consistency is well mixed.
  • Thursday is my second favorite day of the week.
  • Picking your nose is fun and free
  • I washed my sheets, used a clean blanket, and showered before bedtime last night. I don’t see the appeal. Still have pinkeye.
  • Whoever said that grey sheets were acceptable should be in prison.
  • I think that I am having my mid-life crisis.
  • I would like to get a tattoo, but feel I would get a very dumb one
  • Never let your enemy behind you
  • I want to get a new phone, but my current phone works fine. I just want more space for games, music, and memes.
  • I think I can do a pretty good cartwheel.


Might go fishing this weekend. Looking for a new hobby. Might get really into photography. i don’t know, really. Going to Hy-Vee tonight. I’m gonna do the tweet. Saw a picture last week of a blue Steve Urkel with the caption “I am tired of this family. Their matters.” and it really stuck with me. I don’t think I will ever forget that picture. I am glad that I saw it. A girl online put gorilla glue in her hair and her hair got stuck. i wonder sometimes why i am the way that i am. Gravy is just a thicker, more savory version of tea.

Top 5 songs right now

Money In the Grave- Drake

Furthest Thing- Drake

Worst Behavior – Drake

Wildest Dreams- Taylor Swift

Anything But Mine- Kenny Chesney


talking all the good things, that’s all I’m really good for


this post sponsored by P.F. Changs


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