ideas to make millions. part one

here are some ideas that i have come up with that would benefit the world, but do not have the skills or access to the technology to make them happen.

a website where you can connect with your friends, see their pictures, and post statuses to inform them of what you are up to.

a machine that sucks up and collects all the dirt, dust, and pet hair in your house.


glasses with tinted lenses to wear outside on sunny days.

a tool that can remove staples from paper.

pre-sliced bread. could save minute.

a strap that connects you to your surfboard so it doesn’t get swept across the ocean if you fall off.

a suitcase with wheels that you can pull behind.

a portable phone that you can use to contact others while out and about, and that they can contact you.

machine that can grind grains into flours powered by electricity.

machine that can separate cotton fibers from seeds. would save tons of time and would not require as many workers as current methods.

do with these as you wish. i am not asking for any credit. i just want to see the world flourish


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