Noah Update: Stolen Valor Edition

I have bad news, friends.

Noah was sent home from the peace corps last month. Initially I assumed it was due to the pandemic, but after some research, i was wrong. We were all wrong. I am only writing this article because I want to expose him and his lies.

I called Cambodia on the phone and asked if they had sent any other volunteers home. I was told that there never were any peace corps volunteers in Cambodia (I honestly couldn’t understand anything they were saying, so I just assumed what I believe to be true based on their tone). This was strange, but knowing Noah, he probably just didn’t really know where he was. This happens often.

I asked Noah why cambodia would tell me this, and he said that he was busy doing veteran activities and would talk to me later. This felt odd. Usually he will call under the guise of asking a simple question on how to operate gas pumps and try to keep me on the phone for an hour to discuss his emotions and relationships.

So, I did what any detective would do; I called the peace corps directly and asked if anybody had been kicked out in the past month. I was told that they did send someone back to the states in March, but it wasn’t because of any virus.

A volunteer was kicked out of Africa for tampering with Meals From the Heartland shipments. Noah stole every single vitamin packet from 3,000 packs. I was appalled when I heard this. He did ask me if I was interested in supplements, as I have a hard time getting all of the vitamins and minerals the body needs in my diet, but I figured that he was just selling Advocare products, not selling stolen goods. I don’t know how much longer I can continue this friendship.



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