talking to the moon

9:19 PM. Lakers on the television. sad music on the phone. cranberry in the milk jar. we’re having a thursday… What should i start with tonight? Hmmm… Life events, status of my enemies, my weekend plans, the songs? don’t tell me you care, because neither do i

Life Update

nothing. clown question.NEXT

weekend plans

going to my sisters graduation party tomorrow, where I will get drunk enough that people notice. Not one to call my shot, but i will probably make a comment about a newly eighteen year old girl at a volume that is just a little too high. afterwards i will maybe depart their house and get irresponsibly intoxicated. will return home, wake up disgustingly early, and drive to the lake. i will pack a cooler, and drive around the lake garage sales while drinking ice cold busch light. i will only have $14, but that’s part of the fun. wheelin and dealin baby. not sure yet if i will go home on sunday or monday morning. my parents have some friends coming, but not sure who. this will be a very important factor in my decision. might fly out to philly to dump popcorn on russell westbrook. who can know for sure?

What’s up with my enemies?

let me tell you this. if they aren’t dead by now, they’ll wish they were.


(n prayers)


  • mini nn&nns are pretty good, definitely the best variety
  • i can remember pretty much everything that has ever happened.
  • i am approaching the age where my friends will soon be getting married and having children. i am still reading forum posts about what vitamins and minerals will increase the size and force of my loads.
  • how the fuck do you get hurt playing baseball? are they just sore?
  • really considering a bowl cut
  • chewed all my fingernails off, so now i can;t properly open things. this was a mistake.
  • last night i was at walmart and had a really hard time finding fish sticks and i never ended up finding them. i also forgot to get dog food and had to go back to petco tonight. i hate it here.
  • lebron james is pretty fucking good at basketball.

Top 7 Songs

  1. pill for this- sam derosa
  2. easy- lillian harper
  3. happy for you- lukas graham
  4. with arms wide open- creed
  5. if i die young- the band perry
  6. whiskey lullaby- alison krauss
  7. coordinate- travis scott
  8. deja vu- olivia rodrigo
  9. adam’s song- blink 182

Thanks for reading, and thanks to this week’s sponsor, Yahoo! Sports. A great place to learn about sports.


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