back on road

back on road

no, i was not in a coma. i was dealing with the fallout from a poorly worded tweet regarding kelsea ballerini.

(I started writing this on monday night)

Woke up this morning thinking about feta cheese. Couldn’t stop thinking about feta cheese.

Who can relate?


This post will be a special edition. Monday night thoughts. The people will like this. the haters aren’t gonna like this one.

hoes mad.

*photo deleted*

it seems like this is going to be a very Logic-central post, but i can assure you it won’t be. did you guys know he’s biracial?

i am watching olympic with no sound and listening to the music of our time. the kitchen light is on, but the lights are off in the living room (where I am). am i a boy of the dark? maybe. who really know?

aunt jemima. mrs butterworth. hungry jack. the three new political parties. select one to align yourself with, but choose wisely. you only get one shot to do it right. this will be your new identity.

kendall jenner pepsi commercial.

went to the grocery store tonight and got some good sausages. cooked a couple up for dinner and they are pretty decent. 5/7 if i had to rate.

“he will not divide us”

Shia Lebeouf

i’ve started ordering the chicken parm sandwich every time i see it on a menu. i would say that eating and critiquing chicken parm sandwiches is one of my passions. it’s easy to be a chicken parm sandwich critic. (They all need salt)

can’t wait for season 2 of outer banks on friday night!!!

when you talk that shit, just know you gotta back it up with me..! THIS FOR THE CITY

i fucking love baseball. i hate zack hample. if we were ever going for the same ball i would ignore the ball and take him out.


hippos have to be the most intimidating land animal. 7 feet tall and 18 feet wide. top speed of 37 miles per hour, and natural camouflage so you can’t see them coming…

cigarettes are still really fucking cool

I received a pair of slippers during the last winter, and have been wearing them while indoors this week. they are alright.

i hope pete davison returns for another season of saturday night live.

kinda want to live in a shack in the woods like the unabomber

going to do a bracket of my favorite things. thinking 32 entries in 4 categories. candy, tv shows, movies, and ice cream. not sure how that works but it could be cool.

found out last month that darius rucker is hootie from hootie and the blowfish. this was a big surprise that i never could have guessed. i hadn’t been that shocked since i found out the blond guy from nirvana died.

people change

ben affleck back tattoo

hotdog water is a great source of electrolytes.

what is the purpose of friends

been getting really into astronomy lately, but having a real hard time with the different signs

saying “how about that drive in” when you arrive somewhere will always be funny

this has taken me 3 days… will put up the songs tomorrow


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