Wednesday Thoughts 03/24/2021

Wrote this last night and took too long . Didn’t feel like posting it at 2, so dropping it now. Call it Thursday Thoughts, or go fuck yourself. I don’t really care at this point.

Thinking about buying an apple watch. I probably will not do this, as I can simply look at the sun or moon to tell the time.

I’ve been watching Jersey Shore Family Reunion lately, and thinking about which housemate I identify with. I want to be Pauly or Vinny, but deep down I know that I’m just Ron with less muscles and definitely less cocaine.

Been awake into the early hours of the morning lately. I hope one of these days I get tired early and fall asleep around 8 PM, but one can only be so lucky.

I have been trying out these Instagram stories, but I live a very bland lifestyle, so don’t have much to put there. I really just use this tweet from Chuck Grassley as the basis for my stories. I find it to be successful. I like it. I will continue.

Thinking about taking a small vacation soon. Maybe Vegas for a weekend. Or Omaha, Nebraska.

Mainstream media really gave cigarettes a bad reputation.

Might go fishing on Friday night. Hope it’s fun.

Also, for my friends. I think I’m going to try something new. Don’t text me, I won’t respond. Call me. 14 day trial.


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