Wednesday Thoughts/ Life Update/ Miscellaneous

This will be a compilation of what I originally wrote for today, and what is in my drafts.

Today I was thinking about my favorite movie, We Bought A Zoo. I’ve personally never seen the movie, but have heard great things. The premise of the movie is that they bought a zoo. I can’t fucking believe it. That is insane. While I was thinking about this, I wondered if there was a sequel to the movie. If they ever make one they should call it “We Bought a 2oo”. Pretty smart. They can have this idea for free. Also Kung Fu Panda 2 should have been named Kung Two Panda. This is probably why I didn’t see the movie.

I had lunch with a friend today.

It is St. Patricks day here in Iowa, and I hope it is for all of my international friends as well. What do you guys do for the holiday? My friends and I sit down and watch Conor McGregor videos all day (only wins). Conor McGregor is the best.

My favorite things

Youtube. Youtube knows what I want to watch. If someone other than Youtube recommends a video to me, I will not like it. Youtube knows what I like.

The red line under a word that is spelled wrong. Some words confuse me, like restaurant or Chili’s, but thanks to the red line I know that I typed it wrong again.

I hear that Saturday Night Live is returning to the tv next Saturday, March 27th. I hope it is good. Sometimes I watch Saturday Night Live on Sunday Mornings via hulu, but I like watching it live.

Sometimes I listen to music while I am in the shower. This is nice, but I wish there was a way to change the music without having to reach out of the shower. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Noah Update

Still a Navy man. Still my friend.

Fantasy Friends Weed 16 Standings

  • Noah- Had lunch today
  • Karsten- Called me
  • Zach- Ignored My Call (he was at a bar. I didn’t ask)
  • Jakob.
  • Tommy- Only ranking him last because it’s fun.
  • TBD

Twitter Drafts:

  • bad day for ice cream
  • it
  • oka
  • @alroker
  • Ladies, Imagine this:
  • why are the
  • monkey. bananamal. idea.

I have a lot of free time lately, and will try to post more this year. Sometimes I write paragraphs and delete them and start over and end up posting nothing because I don’t like the way it is. I don’t know why I am like this, and will try to do better.

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